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The Hair Center

With our NeoGraft® methods, we attempt to restore your own healthy hair follicles to wherever you’re losing hair. This minimally-invasive, innovative hair transplant technology is the most advanced method on the market today. NeoGraft® leaves behind no scars, includes a mere 48 hour recovery rate, and has a 92-98% success rate. Once the transplant process is complete, your own natural hair growth takes over.

Dr. Elizabeth Arthur

We Care About Restoring Your Hair

  • 20 years of Hair Restoration experience
  • Board Certified in Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery which includes Hair Transplants
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Arthur is highly qualified for your hair restoration procedure!

Are you ready to get your hair back?

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Arthur has performed countless hair transplants since she began practicing in 1995. Honor student from Hahnemann University Medical School, she trained for hair loss therapy during her residency in Internal Medicine. During that time, she managed over 50 patients, getting them enrolled, analyzing hair count, capturing photographs of scalps, and following each through the year long process.


During her private practice for surgical hair transplants, she quickly became disenchanted with the strip method. She wanted to find a hair replacement method that totally eliminated patient scarring. After researching medical hair replacement, she discovered NeoGraft®.


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Dr. Arthur, trained and experienced with NeoGraft® technology, is now board-certified and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. In addition to her hair treatment center, she teaches medical students at both Rochester General and Strong Memorial Hospital.

With her years of experience and training from world-renowned hair surgeons, Dr. Arthur cares about restoring your own hair. Dr. Arthur & her team of experts are excited to meet with you during your first free consultation. Are you ready to get your hair back?

“We were trained by NeoGraft®. A lot of it is experience and our understanding of hair loss. We have to think about how our patients will look in twenty years. We plan for their future so that over the years they continue to look good.”

~ Dr. Arthur

We Care About You

Our Hair Clinic Team, Ready to Transplant

Our hair transplant technicians, trained in our NeoGraft® methods, have over twenty years of experience collectively. We have two technicians in the surgery room at all times to assist Dr. Arthur. Our team handles the hair follicles as least as possible to encourage the success of FUE transplants. We look at your hairline, your preferred hair style, your hair loss progression, and your future hair loss – all because we care about your overall look.

Why Choose Helendale?

What separates Helendale from other transplant centers?

  • You get your own hair back.
  • Unlike most centers, we address future hair loss.
  • We offer suggestions to protect the hair you do have, especially for younger patients who are losing hair.
  • We discuss preventative measures about your hair.
  • We provide products that protect your hair transplants.
  • We conduct a painless surgery that includes a rapid recovery rate of only a few days.
  • Our FUE method leaves no scars, leaving you the option of short hair cuts.

Ready to get your hair back?

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