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Our team begins with a FREE consultation. We’ll ask you:

    • What concerns do you currently have about your hair loss?
    • How have you attempted to stop your current hair loss issues?
    • What is your age, hair texture, hairline progression, and hair loss history?
    • What are your goals for restoring your hair?

Our Hair Clinic Team will then work with you to determine your specific hair restoration needs.

Check out our solutions to meet your goals!

Hair Treatment

Our Procedure (What to Expect)


Topical Solutions

For healthy, lustrous hair, you will need gentle shampoos and moisturizing conditioners that are formulated for specific hair care needs. Click below to learn more.



PRP Treatment

During a PRP treatment, we use the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which contains growth factors that encourage hair follicles to grow thicker, stronger hair.



Rx Treatment

Some men can effectively battle hair loss with prescription drugs, especially in the first stages of Alopecia. We support only FDA-approved prescriptions.




Our hair transplant method, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), dramatically improves hair growth by transplanting live hair follicles to affected areas.


WHY CHOOSE NeoGraft® for your hair treatment option?

NeoGraft® is a minimally-invasive, automated hair transplant system that transplants your own healthy hair follicles to areas affected by hair loss. 

When Using NeoGraft®

  • Natural looking results
  • No stiches or staples
  • No numbness from hair harvest
  • Little to no discomfort durring
  • Flexible hair options


  • Unsightly linear scarring
  • Countless staples and stiches
  • Invasive procedure
  • Slow recovery from process
  • Limited number of options

Ready to get your hair back?

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