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“We know that 90% or more of the hair transplant follicles are going to make it. We’ve seen great results with our FUE NeoGraft® procedure. We’re excited to demonstrate how the FUE method leaves behind minimal scarring and inflammation. All you see is the patient’s own, healthy hair back.”


~ Dr. Arthur

*Please keep in mind that every patient is different and results will vary. None of the images here constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome. Consult your physician if you have any questions regarding your specific situation.


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I went to the Hair Center at Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa to receive the NeoGraft® procedure in the spring of 2013. I felt that this was the right choice for a man of my age. Seeing how my hair line was residing too early in life. During the procedure the staff was courteous and professional as they attended all of my needs. Now two years later I have a full head of natural looking hair. I can honestly say the results of the procedure have helped me gain the self-confidence I was missing. Thank you Helendale…
Disclaimer: Results vary.


I had the old fashioned procedure years ago, but was not very pleased with the result. I was self conscious about the huge scar on the back of my head and found the coverage was not very impressive. I was much happier with the NeoGraft procedure as there was no scarring and the number of grafts able to be done made a much more impressive impact on my overall look.
Disclaimer: Results vary.

Anonymous Patient

I had the procedure done over one year ago and have had tremendous results. The procedure itself was virtually painless and Dr. Arthur and the staff guided me through the process, helping me determine where the best places needed to be covered along with my input. After a few months, you could see the results with new hair growth which has lasted to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Arthur.
Disclaimer: Results vary.


I just want to commend Helendale for making my experience with hair restoration the best I could have asked for. The staff was extremely professional and enjoyable through the whole process. Dr. Arthur was present and involved and also made herself available when I had post-procedure questions. On top of all of this, I could not be happier with the finished product. I NEVER thought that I would get these results with my hair. I was balding and thought there was nothing I could do and didn’t want to have a large scar on my head like these other procedures require. This was relatively painless and the recovery was very doable. I was even able to return to work shortly after. Another nice thing was that the changes to my hairline happened in such a subtle way that no one ever questioned if I had something done. I STRONGLY recommend Helendale if you’re looking at a “cure” for your baldness and want to be with a company that has the most advanced technology and staff. You’re going to be amazed at the change this procedure provides and how good Helendale is at delivering it.
Disclaimer: Results vary.
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Disclaimer: Results vary.

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