Why You Are Losing Hair

Daily Hair Regrowth

Everyone experiences daily hair loss to some extent. Your scalp sheds approximately 100 follicles daily, but you grow about one thousand times that many hairs a day. Each follicle of hair grows for about 4.5 years. For most individuals, the follicle falls out in its fifth year and regenerates a new hair six months later. Alopecia occurs when the follicle loses its ability to generate a new hair, leaving a thin area of scalp behind.

If you notice any excess thinning and baldness, you need to find proactive treatment that will prevent future hair loss and maintain the healthy hair follicles that you still have.

So is there any hope in restoring my hair?

Losing Hair

Solutions for Losing Hair: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Your Hair

Our FUE hair restoration method removes healthy hair follicles from thicker areas of hair and transplants them to affected areas. The transplanted follicles maintain their genetic cycle and will generate your own hair indefinitely. Patients should need only one FUE treatment.

Some patients have had hair plug surgery in the past that left random patches of baldness. Dr. Arthur and her hair clinic team will transplant individual hair follicles surrounding the hair plugs to create even hair regrowth patterns. We help our patients look good and feel great about their hair.


Topical Solutions


In some cases, we recommend topical medication, which prevents continual hair loss and baldness for men and women if used in the beginning stages of alopecia. We tell our patients to expect to wait six months before they see results, according to the regular cycle of hair follicles.

For men, we recommend Propecia (finasteride), a medication that restores their hair regrowth hormone. Glytone by Ducray (minoxidil) offers gentle hair care products for all patients to help soothe the scalp and relieve any discomfort.

When you stop taking these topical medications, the former thinning patterns will return and continue.


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