Why do Men Suffer from Hair Loss?

Approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from thinning hair, hair loss (also known as Alopecia), and eventually complete baldness. The most common reasons for men losing hair include heredity, genetics, extreme stress, poor health choices like smoking, the normal aging process, and medical illness. All men struggling with hair loss will notice similar hair thinning and baldness patterns, such as:

  • Receding Hairline
  • Thinning Temples
  • Crown of the Head
  • Random Circles Throughout


So what causes hair loss? The most common type of hair loss is called androgen (which is not a medical disease). A chemical known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone) breaks apart the male hormone testosterone, which causes the individual hair follicles to shrink. Over time, the hair follicles lose their ability to regenerate new hair.

hair loss

Thinking About Hair Loss?

The Time for Hair Transplant is Now

Most studies report that 40% of all men can expect some hair loss by age 35. We strongly encourage men to immediately address their hair loss to protect what they already have. By the time men first notice hair thinning, they’ve already lost about 50% of their hair.

Although the hair follicles lose their ability to generate new hair, they retain the ability to support living hair cells that are genetically programmed to grow cyclically. So when hair follicles are removed from the posterior scalp and transplanted to balding or thinning areas, those follicles will continue to grow, offering a more natural look.

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