Why do Women Suffer from Hair Loss?

Women most commonly experience thinning hair and hair loss due to stress, medical issues or procedures, pregnancies, puberty, and especially menopause. During menopause, women have a significant drop in the hormones that produce hair cells. Hair loss in women is usually permanent, but it’s a normal part of the aging process.


Women suffering from hair loss number about 21 million in the United States, and 60% will see noticeable hair loss by age 60. As they age they will likely see hair thinning along their center part and dispersed evenly throughout their scalp.

For a female hair transplant, Dr. Arthur will carefully analyze the patient’s hair loss pattern to determine appropriate donor areas and necessary graft locations. In many cases, hair transplants aren’t the best option for women, but about one in twenty women have healthy donor areas for hair transplants.

If a female patient isn’t a candidate for hair transplants, she can take advantage of other hair restoration procedures, specialized hair products, new hair styles that camouflage thinning hair, and in some cases, prescriptions. Many women have had great success with PRP treatments and NeoLTS, both affordable hair loss solutions for women, with high satisfaction rates.

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