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“I put together a short eBook so you could learn about the treatment options we have available. Check out the video for more information, as well.”
– Dr. Elizabeth Arthur

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  Type of Bald Effectiveness # of Treatments Who is a Candidate?
FUE Treatment Male-Pattern (chrome dome), Chronic 1 Age 35+
PRP Treatment Early Thinning 2 Everyone
Neo-Light Therapy System Early Thinning 24 Age 20-35
RX Treatment Alopecia daily Prescribed
Topical Solutions Thinning, Chronic daily Everyone

Find the option that will work for you.

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Hair restoration transplants are personalized based on your type of hair loss and your personal goals for your hair. See how it worked for some of our other patients:

Find the option that will work for you.

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Hair restoration is within reach. There are many options that have high success rates, high satisfaction rates, and little to no downtime or inconvenience to patients.


Hair transplants aren’t spotty and unpredictable anymore.

What to expect

  • Minimal to no scarring
  • Pain medications to treat mild discomfort, and small bandages for a few days
  • Natural-looking hairline
  • Shock loss, where new hair temporarily falls out, but will regrow
  • Little discomfort solved by medication
  • Sensitive scalp and possibly small swelling after the procedure

Side-effects you won't see

  • Stitches, staples, and scars
  • Intensive after-care regimen
  • Unnatural patches of hair
  • Low success rate where new hair won’t survive
  • Pain during and after procedure
  • Bleeding, infection, bruising, numbness, and crusting on scalp

Find the option that will work for you.

Download the free ebook

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