Have you noticed your hair thinning? Or maybe you’ve seen random areas of hair loss diffuse throughout your scalp and thought about getting hair transplants. Although NeoGraft® is an option for some patients, not everyone is a candidate for hair transplants. Candidacy for hair transplants depends on the individual’s donor area, age, type of hair loss, etc.

However, by the time hair loss is noticeable, you’ve probably already lost about half of your hair follicles. It’s best to take action immediately and protect the hair follicles that are left. We have multiple alternative treatments that protect and rejuvenate remaining hair follicles, all with high satisfaction rates.

During a PRP treatment, we use the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which contains growth factors that encourage hair follicles to grow thicker, stronger hair. These growth factors in the serum and platelets are the main agents that stimulate hair follicle repair. All PRP treatments are NOT Created Equal!  We have Harvest the “gold standard” centrifuge system that delivers the highest percentage of platelets and growth factors.

What is a PRP Treatment Like?

We begin the procedure by drawing 1-2 syringes of the patient’s blood. That blood will go through a specialized system that concentrates the blood platelets, providing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which has the appearance and consistency of honey. We apply numbing cream to the scalp. Then, using about two-thirds of the PRP, we perform multiple injections, each about a centimeter apart, into the area affected by hair loss.

To finish the PRP treatment, we apply the last third of the patient’s PRP topically to the affected area. Topical PRP encourages hair follicles to act younger than they are, producing stronger, healthier hair.

Most appointments take about an hour. We ask patients to avoid washing away the PRP from their scalp till the following morning. The scalp might be red and irritated for a few days. Since each patient responds differently to treatments, we want to see you again for one more treatment several months later so we can reassess the condition of your hair follicles.

PRP treatments have high patient satisfaction rates. This treatment works well with women, younger men, and those looking for an affordable hair restoration option.

We offer PRP treatments as an independent procedure, as well as in conjunction with and hair transplants.

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