Regardless of the cause of hair loss, all patients should have a complimentary hair care regime to promote optimal health for their hair and scalp. The scalp must be prepared to reactivate its vital function. The first step is choosing a shampoo that strengthens devitalized hair.

Anaphase Stimulating Cream Shampoo, a mineral-fortified shampoo, safely cleanses the hair and readies the scalp for hair loss treatment. It restores vitality and strength to your hair and can be used as often as necessary, making it the perfect compliment to hair loss treatments.

Anaphase Cream Shampoo can also be used by anyone concerned about their hair, independent of other hair loss treatments.

  • Significantly improves minoxidil penetration
  • Prepares and energizes the scalp for hair loss treatment
  • Restores health and vivacity to hair
  • Improves hair volume and strength
  • Pleasant, smooth, gentle texture of cream
  • Safe and effective and frequent use

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