Many American men (about two-thirds) will see some sign of hair loss by age 35, and by age 50 most (about 85%) will have significantly thinning hair. Chronic hair loss in men should be targeted immediately by the first tell-tale signs.

After undergoing 15 years of research, Neoptide Hair Lotion by Ducray has been clinically proven to revitalize and strengthen weakened hair. Neoptide for men targets the androgenic pathway that leads to hair loss. The formula contains two innovative active ingredients that target chronic male-pattern hair loss. Peptidyl-4 brings blood to tiny blood vessels in the scalp, and monolaurin controls the enzyme that causes hair loss. The two work together to regulate hair follicle cell renewal.

Results can appear as early as in 6 weeks. During clinical trials, 90% men claimed to see visible improvement on thinning hair, and 97% observed stronger, more supple hair.

  • Hides signs of hair loss
  • Builds up thinning, weakened hair
  • Maintains hair volume and density
  • No oily residue

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