You go to great lengths to make your hair look amazing, because you're proud of it. While losing some hair is perfectly normal, there are practical steps you can take to prevent thinning hair. Here are 9 tips for healthy, strong and brilliant strands that shine anywhere.

1. Reduce Stress

Excessive anxiety can cause hair loss and weaken your hair strands. What can you do? Be a glass-half-full person, go for a jog when you're stressed and get enough sleep. A night out with friends is an awesome stress-reliever.

2. Bleach Less

Bleaching doesn't usually affect your roots -- unless you're allergic -- but it does weaken individual strands and make breakage more likely. Compensate for damage by using hair products designed specifically with post-coloring nutrients in mind.

3. Give Your Hair a Breather

Opt for loose hairstyles as much as possible. It's OK to show off your hair the way you love, but constantly rocking ponytails or tight buns pulls on your roots and causes problems with losing hair.

4. Get the Vitamins and Minerals You Need

Hair thrives with healthy foods. Iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12 all help your body produce new hair follicles and fast-growing, luxurious strands. Lean red meats and green veggies have lots of iron. Get vitamin B12 from fish, poultry and red meat. Vitamin D comes from sunlight. You can also choose supplements, but check with your doctor first.

5. Take Care of Your Thyroid

Hair thinning can also be a symptom of thyroid hormone imbalances. Other symptoms include memory loss, depression, sudden weight gain, dry skin, fatigue and frequent muscle aches.

6. Conditioner Prevents Hair Thinning

Adding a round of conditioner after rinsing and/or repeating with your favorite shampoo makes a world of difference. Conditioner helps repair frayed or damaged hair strands, making them stronger.

7. Don't Forget Your Scalp

Get to the root of the issue -- literally -- by keeping your scalp resilient. Look for hair products that stimulate new growth and revitalize follicles by focusing on hydration and exfoliation.

8. Contact Dr. Elizabeth Arthur

Expert advice is worth its weight in gold. We examine your overall health to find any underlying issues causing excessive hair loss. Our personalized treatment plans produce noticeable results and adapt to your lifestyle.

9. Take Good Care of Yourself

Staying in shape benefits your entire body, hair included. Take care of your immune system, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Both your stunning hair and your attractive smile make a huge first impression.

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