While the term may be one that’s new to many, PRP treatments—which is short for platelet-rich plasma—has become one of today’s most popular hair loss treatments among both men and women.  Platelet-rich plasma is teeming with growth factors that stimulate the repair of damaged hair follicles, while encouraging them to grow hair that’s stronger and thicker.  It works by drawing a small sample of the patient’s platelet-rich plasma, and injecting it into the areas of the scalp most susceptible to thinning and hair loss.  It’s a relatively painless procedure that takes about an hour, with almost no side effects, lasting results and a fast recovery time.

Whether you’re searching for an alternative to hair transplants, or looking to complement your NeoGraft treatment, PRP is definitely something worth considering.  We encourage you to read more about PRP Treatments, or get in touch with The Hair Center at Helendale in Rochester to schedule a free consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists. 

  • PRP hair restoration is minimally invasive and boasts a high user success rate
  • The process is fast, virtually painless and can be completed in about an hour
  • The Hair Center at Helendale is one of Rochester’s leading providers of PRP
  • An effective hair loss treatment that’s suitable for both women and men
  • An ideal alternative for patients who are not candidates for hair transplants
  • The recovery time is relatively fast, as many patients return to work quickly

If you’re in the Rochester or WNY area and struggling with hair loss or increased thinning, The Hair Club at Helendale is here to help.  In addition to PRP treatments, we offer a diverse range of topical and other innovative solutions to help prevent thinning and restore healthy, thicker hair.  Get in touch by phone or email and our staff will be happy to answer any questions or schedule a complementary initial consultation.

We’re located at 500 Helendale Road in Rochester NY, and can be reached by phone during regular clinic hours at 585-266-5420.  Or write to us confidentially through our website’s secured contact page.