There are several treatments in Buffalo and Rochester, NY that allow you to take charge of your hair loss and bring back the full body and thickness of your natural hair. When you're looking for hair loss treatment, it's important to know you are getting medically informed and tested treatments, like those offered at the Hair Center at Helendale.

Options include:

  1. NeoGraft® hair transplants work miracles for some patients. This technique has been shown to sidestep the issues found with traditional hair plugs and the strip method. It involves carefully transplanting follicles to the scalp from other locations. If you are looking for hair loss treatment in Rochester, NY, this is one of the more powerful and radical treatments available.
  2. PRP Treatment uses the patient's own platelet-rich-plasma to treat the hair loss. This is highly effective because the serum treats and strengthens follicles. It is applied with a micro-needle approach to making it even more effective.
  3. Shampoos and Topical Solutions have been available in various formulations for quite some time, but not all of them have been effective. Today's topical solutions and shampoos include minoxidil, which has been proven for years to stimulate hair growth. It has been used in several popular brands of both prescription and over-the-counter hair formulas, and it works for a large number of the people who try it.
  4. Prescription medication has been popular and effective for a couple of decades as well, and Propecia is highly recommended for hair loss patients with a variety of underlying conditions as well as those whose hair loss does not have a known cause.
  5. NeoLTS might be the newest technique we use, and it is definitely different. This laser light treatment uses a very low-intensity light to keep the follicles in the anagen stage, which is the stage where hair growth occurs. It is used over the course of six months and usually involves 24 visits.

Hair Loss Treatment

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your hair restoration options. Until your case is reviewed and you have had a consultation, it can be hard to know what treatment will be most effective for you. When you work with experienced professionals, though, these therapies can be tested and the results measured until you are locked into a healthy hair restoration treatment that works for you. Contact the Hair Center at Helendale for more information.