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– The ‘Hair Center at Helendale’ to offer NeoGraft™ FUE Hair Transplants –
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (June 18, 2013) –

Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa, located in Irondequoit, announces the opening of the “Hair Center at Helendale” that specializes in surgical hair transplants for men and women. In addition, the medical practice is the to first to bring the new minimally invasive, automated hair transplant technology, called NeoGraft™ FUE Hair Replacement, to the Greater Rochester region.

After years of treating patients who suffer from hair thinning and loss, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Arthur of Helendale Demratology & Medical Spa, founded the hair center as an extension of her dermatology practice. The Hair Center at Helendale is located at 500 Helendale Road, Suite 100 in Rochester, NY.

“The ‘Hair Center at Helendale’ was created to bring our patients the most advanced hair transplantation technology available that results in a full and natural-looking hairline and without the unsightly scars associated with traditional hair transplants,” said Dr. Arthur who has been performing hair transplants for over 10 years. ”NeoGraft™ is a breakthrough for hair loss patients and is the new standard of surgical hair transplants.”

The FDA-approved NeoGraft™ Hair Replacement automates the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of transplantation – the surgical removal of individual hair follicles one at a time – making it more affordable. The NeoGraft™ extracts a graft from the donor area in the back of the head and transplants it into the balding or thinning areas on the top of the head. The implanted hair follicles then produce normal new growth several months after the procedure, creating a natural-looking hairline.

The result is that 92 to 98% of the follicles transplanted will grow into a natural-looking head of hair. Patients can usually resume normal activity within 48 hours, excluding strenuous exercise. This minimally invasive procedure is unlike the traditional “strip” hair transplant method which requires a block of skin to be cut down into individual hair follicle units, causing visible or painful scarring on the back of the head.

About Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa
Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa was founded in 2004 by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Arthur, as a full-service dermatology practice that specializes in medical, cosmetic and surgical care of the skin. The on-site Medical Spa offers a wide variety of services aimed at enhancing patients’ natural beauty through laser, esthetic and skincare treatments. The Hair Center at Helendale was opened in June 2013 and specializes in NeoGraft™ FUE hair transplants. The practice is located at 500 Helendale Rd, Suite 100 in Rochester, New York and currently employs 19 people. For more information, visit

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