Hair loss can occur at any age, affecting self-esteem and confidence as much as appearance. If you aren't happy about your hair loss, you have options that go beyond over the counter topical treatments to strengthen the hair you do have and possibly prevent the progression of your hair loss.

The earlier you see a hair doctor, the sooner you can get started treating your hair loss and improving your quality of life. Let's look at some of the causes of hair loss as well as treatment options offered at The Hair Center at Helendale.

Why It Happens

Young and old, male and one is immune to the possibility of hair loss. Male pattern baldness may begin as early as your 20's, but that is far from the only cause of hair loss. Here are some of the other reasons people may lose their hair:

* Vitamin and/or mineral deficiency * Injury * Excessive stress * Certain medications * Skin conditions

Finding the cause of your hair loss with a doctor's help is important in determining the most effective treatment for you. The approach for genetic hair loss, for example, may be different than the treatment for hair loss caused by a diet lacking certain nutrients. When you visit a hair doctor, he or she can help you uncover the cause of your hair loss so you can find the treatment that will work best.

When to Seek Treatment

Hair loss, whether gradual or sudden, is not something to ignore. A visit to a doctor who specializes in hair restoration when you first notice any loss of hair can help identify the cause, determine a treatment plan, and prevent further loss. The longer you wait, the fewer options you may have.

How do you know you are losing your hair? Look at your hairline in the mirror to see if it is receding. You can also look at pictures of yourself and see if your hairline appears different. Also pay attention when you shampoo or comb your hair; you may find more loose hair than you used to when you clean and brush it.

Available Treatments

The Hair Center at Helendale offers more than just special shampoos or topical ointments, although we do have several products that can strengthen and thicken your hair. Some of the other treatments we offer include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, prescription oral medication, follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants, and Neo-Light therapy systems. Some of these treatments are more involved and effective than others, so working with a doctor to find the option that suits your goals best is extremely beneficial.

Take control of your hair loss by talking with our doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Arthur, at The Hair Center at Helendale. Call us at 585.266.5420 to schedule your consultation or request an appointment through our website to understand more about your hair loss and how to treat it.