As soon as you notice your hair is thinning, it's crucial that you take action if you would like to repair the damage and prevent any future loss. By the time you're able to notice that your hair is thinner than it was before, you've likely already lost 50% of your healthy hair follicles. Once the follicles are gone, they won't grow back on their own and will only get worse. To some people, this isn't a problem, and that's wonderful, but to those who want their hair loss to stop, it's time to take action.

The first step in getting your hair back and keeping it healthy is scheduling a time to meet with a hair doctor, usually an experienced dermatologist or another doctor well versed in hair restoration. Often times, the initial meeting will be called a consultation.

At the Hair Center at Helendale, we offer complimentary consultations where the doctor, Dr. Arthur, will evaluate your hair loss, go over your options, and answer any questions you have about hair restoration. The consultations will result in a plan for restoring your hair.

The Hair Restoration Consultation at Helendale

Take a peek into what happens in a consultation, straight from Dr. Arthur herself:

"We offer complimentary consultations for two reasons: one, we have to diagnose the type of hair loss that they have, and two, we need to figure out a gameplan.

The consult is really just a dialogue we have with the patients. We talk about their goals, expectations, past treatments, budget, and personality.

We'll also evaluate if they are a good candidate for a NeoGraft hair transplant, but a lot of factors go into determining this. I'll look at the amount of hair loss, type of hair loss, quality of their hair, quality of donor area, their age, their budget, and their goals and expectations. I also determine how many transplants they would need to meet those goals.

After I learn about the patient, it's my job to educate them about realistic goals and expectations as well as the cost and the future of their hair loss. We cover a lot of ground in the consults, but by the end, I should have really educated them about what their options are and given them recommendations as if they were my family or friend.

There's nothing patients really need to do to prepare for the consult, but the biggest thing is that they're prepared to be honest. I don't want patients to tell me they'll do something and not do it. For example, some men will say to me, "I'm never going to be the kind of guy who will apply topical solutions." As their doctor, I need to respect that part of their personality because if I prescribe some complicated topical regimen, they're never going to do it.

It's my job to make my patients feel comfortable enough to be honest with me so we can have that very easy conversation back and forth. I'm a very non-judgemental person, and I'll prescribe whatever is truly the best solution for that person, even if it doesn't make us a lot of money."

Your Hair Loss Solution Starts Now

If you're ready to put a stop to your hair loss, Dr. Arthur is ready to have this easy, honest conversation with you. Request your complimentary consultation with the Hair Center at Helendale today.